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The Best Brownies

As seen on my journal about the Fuzznums, but never formally uploaded.

Shining Armor secretly makes the best brownies. Of course he does.

"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" & Original Characters © Hasbro
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Hi i have a question do shining armor, cadance and twilight sparkle like two eat brownies :-?

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My only regret is that Shining Armor’s apron didn’t say, ‘Kiss the cook.’

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Aw! So sweet and cute! Look at little Twilight with chocolate all over her lips: Adorable! I love your work
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Mmmm.. Brownies..
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Brownies are yummy! =P
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Brownies?  Let me at 'em!
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I have no idea why, but pot brownies popped into my mind lol.
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I want his brownies too!
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Those look delicious.... *tries to drag one out of the screen to no avail* DANG IT, I NEED TASTY BROWNIES!!!!
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I suddenly feel like brownies. Okay, I'm baking some tomorrow.
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The only sweet that can beats cookies while being easy to make.

BEautiful work.
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Twily/Candy/Shiny stuff is my favorite stuff you do. <3
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I just knew the comments would have hippie brownie references.
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This is like how I bake sweets with my cousin. Cool drawing by the way man.
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"The secret ingredient is hate!"
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This is so cute! I would love to see Shining try his hooves at cooking in the show! D
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Cadance makes pretty good brownies for adults. Shining's are all Kid Friendly.
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Aw, the cuteness.
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sweet pic and you may want to change the color around shinning's neck cause it looks like this heads floating 
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Celestia, I love your pictures. Especially filly Twilight!
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Love the Brownies cooked by Shining Armor XD
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