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Thanksgiving with the Family Sparkle

"How's it taste, mom?"

My first Thanksgiving-style vector. We don't do that here so you can't blame me. We just sit back and reap the profits of Black Friday.
I didn't want a turkey, or tofurkey. Instead, I ended up with a turkey-shaped bread thing, stuffed with beans, vegetables and potatoes.

And before you ask, Applejack, Rarity and Pinkie Pie have their own families. Not everything has to revolve around Princess Twilight, Geez!

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.

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1: Breadturkey!
2: Yea, Twilight isn't EVERYTHING in this show!
3: Nice picture! You're style is so cute!
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A clever way to utilise a turkey-based item - in a bread form that compatible with pony consumption! :D
TheTailSix's avatar
Great job! Everypony and Spike look so happy in this drawing.
I'm suddenly mildly depressed by this; I just realized Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy have no known family.

Questions now consume my mind.
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And don't forget that Applejack, Big Mac and Applebloom's parents are dead, and that Granny Smith lost one of her children, probably the mother of the 3 
As it turns out, the father, but you couldn't have known that at the time.
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Looks like AJ gave them some cider though. :)
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That looks quite amazing. I wonder if the Sparkle parents know they're going to have a grandchild in a couple of months?
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Love the turkey bread bowl. Nice idea. 
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
HappyCadencePLZ No pickles and ice cream?
AspiePie's avatar
I'm thankful for ponies!
Goremise's avatar
(Yay Rainbow dash)
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Celestia is holding up, because back home she has a dozens cakes with her name on them.
karkovice1's avatar
OF COURSE the turkey is absent from the spread. They're vegetarians, after all! :D
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So, RD and Flutters have no families at all? (aside from the adoptive sister and yet-to-know brother?)
It's kinda sad... but great picture!
069x-ray's avatar
Haha, this is genius! Golden! I like it lots!
BB-K's avatar
Family fun together with the Sparkles. :)
nx9100's avatar
What?  No Flash?  First holiday with his future in-laws?
Ro994's avatar
That's what I thought :/ probably with his own family this time...
LittleJurnalina's avatar
Cadence is like: "this pie is mine, and so are those pastries, and so is that, and that... and that." Prego Cadence is fun.
ILoveGreenDeathsALot's avatar
Happy Thanksgiving everypony 
artmaker65's avatar
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!! :)
ShiningDragoon107's avatar
Happy Thanksgiving to all.
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