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Tender Age And Bloom

I'm with Scoots. This isn't much to ship about. Consider this pandering.

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Maybe so, but it gives me perfect joke fodder for my youngest sister's future boyfriend since my family is almost exactly like the Apples!
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definitely with Scoots on this
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Tender Taps.
Applebloom helped him get his cm
thedutchbrony's avatar
that moment when that colt looks like scoots lost brother.
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I thought that dancing pony was sweet and totally goes with applebloom
gallop-free's avatar
Me too. I never got a ship for Apple Bloom
hawaii42612's avatar
yeah you don't typically have a lot of ships for the crusaders
Peaches-n-Charlotte's avatar
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well just generally in the show they don't present many real ship options. That's why I like how they presented such a sweet colt to apple bloom
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*shrug* maybe I'm overthinking
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Awwww!! i love them and that means I agreed with Sweetie Belle! :D
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Scootaloo, "Why does he look so much like ME?!" 
BB-K's avatar
Lol, AB's tail on him. :)
templar127's avatar
The ship is real!
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:iconsweetiebelleplz: :iconsays3plz: So, you think they'll get MARRIED someday?

:iconscootalooplz: :iconsays3plz: Uhh... Aren't you jumping the gun a bit here, Sweetie Belle?
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Nice dialogue. :)
karkovice1's avatar
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Turn it up now!
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sweetie ships it, she ships it so hard.
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Apple Bloom X Rumble
Sweetie Belle X Spike
I still don't know for Scootaloo :( Probably with Rumble, or she can be with Button Mash. :)

(My opinion)
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Also, I thought Flitter is your alternative for Rumble, just like mine. Confused 
RozyFly10's avatar
I just said that I don't have any Scootaloo ship. 
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