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Team Dragon Cheer

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"Are you gonna hold me right this time?"
"Just be quiet and let me do this properly."

Some of you might recognise the "hug" from the Episode 6x05 Nutshell. It looked kinda awkward so I repurposed it and made it more awkward. It's the Dragon Cheerleading Squad. Just getting the weirder stuff out of the way. At least 2-3 more Embers left.

ship? this isn't a ship. what are you talking about?           garber

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I like gemstones yes I do!
I like gemstones how about you?

Goooooooooooooo dragons!
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Everybody need to stop hating on Garble. I mean he ain't no Biff Tannen or Montana Max
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You know Garble might just change his ways
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Can you redo Amber in her school,outfit?
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In my opinion i ship this couple.
Sure garble has done some (idiotic things) but ember will lead him to the right path.😂😊
I hope you keep drawing these two together
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Sorry, but ships don't last long.
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Hehehehe i prefer ember and spike lol but just how grumpy they are to each other is entertaining
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I dont ship it..
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Garble: Y' know! Since I'm the star of the hoofball team, and you're the top cheerleader, it's only natural that we go out TOGETHER.

Ember: Drop dead, Garble!

Garble: HMPF! I KNEW you were gonna say that... *walks away dejected*
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This ship hit an iceberg sadly.
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Sounds like this Ship is growing!
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Dragon Lord Torch: ( To Garble ) Drop her, and you're dead meat.
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Never too much Ember... though I could do without the douchebag.
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I wonder if Ember's dad would approve of this.... xD 
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Hugs... I want a dragon to hug me!
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I am NOT shipping this (Ember deserves better than that jerk) BUT this is kinda of cute.
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I hate to be that person requesting and feel free to say no to this of course but it'd be really sweet if you showed Ember cuddling Spike while he's asleep taking a nap. You sort of already did it with the hug but I like to imagine a scenario where Spike being a baby falls asleep in Ember's presence and she embraces him in a sleeping hug kind of like a sister dragon would.   
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oh, there will be something like that coming up.
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I disapprove this SHIP!!!
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Let's sink this ship before it leavs the docks
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