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Swingin' In The Rain


I had the idea to do this with humanised characters, but that failed. So I did the unnatural thing and made them walk on two hooves. It was the only way. But look! Raincoats! Twily's having fun!

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Princess Cadance is the only who’s not wearing a rain hat or rain boots.
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Shining Armor is the only one who’s not wearing raingear.
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The title is a pun on Singin' in the Rain.
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Twilight (Nodding) Plz Twilight sparkle APPROVES this picture! Fluttershy dance CUTENESS OVERLOAD
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What a glorious feelin',I'm happy again.
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Sad Lyra Heartstrings Emotion :Somepony Learn Me How To Do ItLyra Emote 50x50 
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May be i can teach you my love. *^^*
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Lyra :Yes please teach me i'm very confused Sad Lyra Heartstrings Emotion 
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*holds her hoove and swings*
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Twilight Sparkle (Run) : i'm melting! he he!
Princess Cadence-Eye Roll : oh twi! * looks at shining and shining looks at cadence *
Shining Armor-Smile : cadence ... * holds her hoof and kisses in the rain and she kisses back *
Twilight Sparkle (Run) : O3O
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Walking on hind legs can't be that hard. Twilight did it once in Equestria Girls. XD

Sad it didn't last long though. XDD
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Walking on just their hind legs is the only way they will all fit under the umbrella!
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Hnnnngggggg.... SOoo Cute....
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My parents used to do the swing thing we my little brother and me when we were little, fun times!
dm29. Why must your art be so adorable?
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