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Sunburst: Pony Illustrator Test

I got some requests to put up Sunburst alone. So I thought putting up the original, unposed vector might be cool.

I enjoyed ageing him up (simply because I didn't want to do filly Starlight), and his hooves are different from the other stallions like Big Mac and Shining Armor without an outline separating the colours.

This could be a thing. Any Illustrator tests of other ponies you would love to see?

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I'm glad they brought this mountain boy pony back! I love his redesign! You did a great job illustrating him too!
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I'd like this to be a thing very much. How about War Zecora next?
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He's design really is amazing, and I LOVE his cutie mark! I hope we get to see him in the show in the future...
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S6E1. You knew this, right? :D
Didgereethebrony's avatar
Is HE responsible for the heat waves over Aus. lately?
SimeonLeonard's avatar
What's his super special talent? Wreaking havoc on Earth's power grid and communication networks?
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The episode doesn't appear to show what that talent actually IS, but I have two theories about his talent:

1. Spell that generates a very bright flash of magic light - much like the flash bulb on a camera.
2. Spell that acts like a stun grenade… , producing both a bright flash and very loud bang which might fit better the idea of a "sunburst". (In this case, our stallion is probably in the ranks of the Royal Guard somewhere, and Twilight should go asking her BBBFF to see where he might be.)
SimeonLeonard's avatar
Interesting. My first thought was of a coronal mass ejection from the sun, which can interfere with technology here on earth (technology the ponies don't use) but I've since learned that a sunburst is simply when the sun appears suddenly from behind a cloud. Regardless, he seems to have a strong magical ability. Interesting character, I hope we see him again.
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This character is cool because of his white markings. I don't think the white on his legs symbolize his hooves, I think they are actually his fur markings - which is awesome! There are VERY few ponies with two body colors!
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Is Pony Illustrator a free program? 
CrowRider1's avatar
Think you could try Sugarcoat?
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samykhadre's avatar
Il a abandonner son amie et après toutes ses années pas une seul petite lettre ou autre pour dire qu'ils sont toujours amis. C'est un lâche et un mauvais ami !
AmrasFelagund's avatar
Mais, il avait l'air incroyablement ennuyeuses avant qu'il ait obtenu son talent. Peut-être était Starlight qui était la mauvaise amie ...
samykhadre's avatar
Qu'il a fait un miracle pour la sauver je ne croit pas.
AmrasFelagund's avatar
...I'm just going to reply in English, so that I don't end up getting this butchered in Google Translate.

Even if you don't like someone, why should you let them be crushed by a cascade of falling books? He looked bored with her game of Book Jenga, but that doesn't mean he should just let her get hurt. He saved her skin, and got his cutie mark, and his family were happy for him, and Starlight was upset that his getting his cutie mark meant that she didn't have a "friend" anymore. know what? My friend StarryOak words it much better than I can.
Antogames's avatar
Peut-étre parce qu'il n'avait pas son adress?
samykhadre's avatar
=_=" sérieux !? 
Antogames's avatar
Après, moi je dit sa comme ça.
samykhadre's avatar
des personne qui sont amis qui vivent dans la même depuis comme elle a dit depuis toujours et il n'a même pas dit : "Bonjour maman papa tu pourrait envoyer ça chez SG svp je connais pas son adresse" ou "SG j'ai ma mark et je vais a l'école chez pas quoi tu pourrais me donner ton adresse pour que je t'écrit" ou même "bonjour maman et papa j'suis entrer a la maison pour les vac je vais chez SG" c'est pas logic il a officiellement, catégoriquement et lâchement oublier !! Au lieu du coup "dsl pour ne pas t'avoir appeler depuis notre dernier soir mais j'ai oublier ton numéro mam’zelle...quel est ton nom déjà ?"
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