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Strummertime Serenade

"Did you write this song for me?"
"That depends. Do you like it?"

Yes, it might be that Humanoid Flash Sentry isn't like Pony Flash Sentry in terms of musical proficiency, but just humour me for a moment. This was the Strummer choice in my last quick poll.

"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic", "Equestria Girls" & Original Characters © Hasbro
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to me flash will be not only her love but the captien of all the royal guard of twilight! well shining first will not like it but he want twilight be happy so he will let flash make twilight happy but will make him a great royal guard! why? well is sample! 1 shining can't protect twilight were he in the crystal empire were he protect cadence and his dauther flurry heart and all crystal pony! 2 cadence want twilight be happy with her love so she ask shining to make a captien of royal guard! 3 ponyville need protection! twilight and her friends can't protect ponyville if the girl are not here! so who will do it? this is 3 reason shining will over come his overprotection on her little sister! oh wait! twilight she not a kid! she can protect her self but she not invincible! all alicorn are not invincible! inmortelity is not invinciblity! twilight need guard not only for protect her self but for protect the pony of ponyville! yes in show the guard see be weak! but only face foe who are very powerfull! the guard are not invincible! but the can protect the princess form all kind enemy who are not powerfull like tirek! who you think stop some rebel? the guard! the guard are the first line of defense! all normal crimenal got no chance face the royal guard! thos cum bag can escape the equestria police force but not the royal guard! the royal guard are more orcanisid and more trained!
here list of law defender! wonder bolt , royal guard and the police force! the police force are mose weak defence force but some time thos help! the guard and wonder bolt are main force! but the problem with the wonder bolt is the number of elite unite! in the wonder bolt only the elite go in mission! not the rocky! in the royal guard the rocky are posted on some plase with the captien of the unite! the royal guard too never let the rocky take inportent mission! a rocky royal guard is 5 time more usefull them police unite! but a wonder bolt rocky unite is useless if compare them to a police unite! sure the rocky police are more weak! the royal guard too got own speciel force but we dont know the name of this unite! thos are put to protect the princess are the mose powerfull guard! thos guard = the wonder bolt in force and speed but in magic and number the guard win! if the wonder bolt become traitor thos got no chance! but wonder bolt are like rainbow dash element of harmony! and is the same for the guard!