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Starlight's Suitors

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"What did you do, Trixie?"
"Why, I have no idea what you mean, Twilight."

All Hail, Starlight Glimmer.
No pretty pony is prettier than Starlight Glimmer.

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TheMultiBrony22Hobbyist Artist
Starlight and Sunburst are the perfect pair. Spike comes in a close second.
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KikiO3000Hobbyist Artist
Daw! :3 LOL
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ANAverse100Hobbyist General Artist
MLP Spike (Mad) Plz Bring it on, maggots!
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
She's a'ight, but there are many mares who are prettier.
SeriousJupiter's avatar
This would be great if it weren't for poor Sunburst outside the window. You don't like him, but you like Flash?
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dm29Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think I gave Sunburst plenty of attention before any of it was cool.
Meet Me In Manehattan by dm29  
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I forgot about that. Anyway, do you like canon Sunburst?
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Braeburn: Ain't you the PRETTIEST thing that's ever walked in Equestria...

Double Diamond: Y' know, Starlight... I've always admired you as... MORE than just a Leader...

Rumble(?): BACK OFF! She's MINE...

Spike: In your DREAMS, runt!

Twilight: Care to explain, Trixie!?

Trixie: I found this old spell in one of your old books called "The Aphrodite Spell", and thought I'd try out on your student.

Twilight: I don't think Celestia would approve...

Trixie: Well, the great and powerful Trixie approves... I think Starlight does, too!

Starlight: *giggles* I sure do! Lots of free roses...

Sunburst: Now how can I get rid of all these males, and have her all to myself???

Lovesick stallion free for all in 3...2...1...

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SalandreJerenity989Student Traditional Artist
Not just the stallions, but a mare too. Yes, freaking Trixie too.
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DrWhoFan611Hobbyist Writer
Braeburn is everypony's suitor.
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CrystalPastelKittyHobbyist General Artist
If all these guys get in, why is Sunburst left outside?! X) Yes, I can see that.
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“Mien Captain, zere is a lot of traffic in ze shipping lanes”
“Load all torpedoes tubes unt stand by ze deck gun crew”
“Mien Captain zats rather excessive”
“Zats my wiafu zey are messing vith”
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FiM is Starlight's show now? Could be starting in S7.
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ptitemouetteHobbyist Traditional Artist
Sunburst x)
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ShiningDragoon107Hobbyist Artist
My wish has come true,
Starlight's getting love. Love Tards 
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Jose-RamiroHobbyist Traditional Artist
Heh, excellent.
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Too good for her. 
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ShannaImprovProfessional Traditional Artist
Poor Sunburst! He's left out on all the fun, and Starlight didn't even noticed him!
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catluvr2Hobbyist General Artist
I feel so bad for Sunburst!

Also, I think StarMoon is best ship in this picture. If you can't figure out who I'm shipping with GlimGlam, read up on pony names.
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lola4232Hobbyist Digital Artist
*Doesn't notice Sunburst in the window until diving into the comments*

Sunburst, you better invade that castle right now before it's too late bro! ;) 
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Forgot the beard.
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dm29Hobbyist Digital Artist
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