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Starlight Storytime

By dm29
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I thought it would be cute to have little Starlight/Frost having storytime with Twilight.
I loved it when Twilight thanked Starlight for allowing her to read a story to her.

No Bases. Please do not modify my work in any way.

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in a other dimention she a filly be adopted by twilight!
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Request! For Your art request called 'Tappin Buddies!', This request artwork was inspired by the song called Pinkie's Present. See the song here!…
The artwork features Pinkie Pie, The Spirit of Hearths Warming Present, and The Tall Tapper From Rhythm Heaven Fever tap dancing while looking at the viewer.
The background is transparent.
If you don't know The Tall Tapper from Rhythm Heaven Fever, Look it up.…
Good Luck!
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“Here’s a touching story: Once upon a time, you died and I lived happily ever after…. The End”
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Reminds me of 'EoSD in a Shellut'.
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I love this drawing. It inspired me to draw a similar scene between filly Starlight and grownup Twilight, but with a slightly different twist.
A Second Chance at Storytime
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They are really cute together.
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"Miss Sparkle, what is Ahuizotl doing to Daring Do with the whip?"
"What? Gah! Don't read that!"
*"Miss Sparkle" shuffles Starlight out of the room."
"Silly book. Can't you wait till we're alone?"
*Cue romantic music.*
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This comic really reminds me of doubleWbrothers' comic XD…

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So cute. ^^ Meow :3 Meow :3 Giggle Giggle 
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Yes! More art of Starlight Glimmer as filly in the role of Snowfall Frost as filly! The cuteness is overload here!
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(falls out of a portal wearing a red suit) Did I alter time correctly? This **** is hard to do right!
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That would be so cute! :love:
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D'aawww, adorable.
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I like this concept a lot. I actually like to imagine the filly sitting next to Twilight as a ghost while the real adult version still sits across from her while she reads. The real Starlight Glimmer pretends not to show that much interest in the story while her spirit, Starlight's youthful, former self, sits starry eyed next to Twilight while she reads the story eager to learn about the magic of Hearth's Warming. 

That's how my mind wishes to see it anyway.
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I can imagine Twilight here having trouble with the idea of reading a a proper bedtime fairytale story to Lil' Starlight, so she instead reads from a familiar scientific medical journal:

In all eukaryotes, each cisternal stack for the Golgi apparatus has a cis entry face and a trans exit face. These faces are characterized by unique morphology and biochemistry. Within individual stacks are assortments of enzymes responsible for selectively modifying protein cargo. These modifications influence the fate of the protein. The compartmentalization of the Golgi apparatus is advantageous for separating enzymes, thereby maintaining consecutive and selective processing steps: enzymes catalyzing early modifications are gathered in the cis face cisternae, and enzymes catalysing later modifications are found in trans face cisternae of the Golgi stacks.

...And the little eukaryote lived happily ever after with all his billions of brothers and sisters! The end!
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Awwww! What a tender moment to read to Little Starlight!
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THAT'S how I think it would look behind the scenes
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cuteness overload /)º3º(\
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