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Squashed Twilight Bookmark

I think this is a weird category to put this in, but this is hardly papercraft.

Here's the ready-to-print bookmark for my Squashed Twilight vector. Recommended for a width no wider then 4.5cm/1.8in for printing. Updated so it's gamut friendly and Twilight's purple won't be off when printing.

I made mine by printing it out, sticking it on card, laying a strip of cellophane tape over it and then cutting it out directly along the vector's edge. You can see how it turned out here: [link]

Enjoy! And thanks for the love on Reddit r/mylittlepony [link]

"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" & Original Characters © Hasbro
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Definitely will be my new bookmark~
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That's actually kinda clever XD
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Can you use it as a vector?
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I can't figure out how to customize the image dimensions before I print. not sure if the printer even has the option. :s but I printed one out that ended up big, and my little brother loves it. I love this idea I hope I can figure out how to make my printer work. =p
Twilight endure quite a lot of physical punishment in the show, I am sure she wont mind to be Squashed from time to time, she hardly complain.
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Awesome! I laughed when I saw this.
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thanks for the ask, I faved it.
I must ask, is the twilight one the only bookmark?
I have people here who would like a dashie one, have you done something like that? If not, do you know where I can find a quality dashie bookmark, something like your twilight?

You're great!
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Twilight's the only one. I've been asked for Dashie before so in the cards, but not so soon. I don't want to just rehash this Twilight and make her blue and put an RD wig on.
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I understand...I'll watch you to stay tuned n_n
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LOL, i like it, but still... poor twilight
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Would make closing the book rather uncomfortable to have to do.
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Hah,I just saw this on reddit.
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lol i like the concept ^^
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