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Spitfire: Summer Wonderbolt Ver.

It's summer. And I mean, c'mon. That Wonderbolts outfit can get real stuffy.

(Original upload dated Aug 13 before I retooled her to be used in Wonderbolt Bombshell. This was still in my stash, so I'll just leave this here.)

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I'm worried about the recruits back at the Wonderbolt's base, and the stallion pegasi at Cloudsdale. They might cause a ruckus when they see that.
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Too good looking can't look away.
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Well, if I were a pony, that wouldn't cool me off.
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Soarin is a lucky guy :)
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Hot like fire
she's the mare I admire
as she keeps flying higher
and her name is Spitfire
(I dunno)
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Looks nice on her.
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nice Swimsuit Spitfire.
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I wonder how she keeps those glasses on.
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She's very cute.
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We need a Soarin one!
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I'm sure some pie eating stallion will forget about his pie when he sees that
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