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Spike's Adventures in Fantasy Cavern [!D.10]

By dm29
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"zzz...Rarity...zzz... girl dragon... wait for me, girls..."

Spike is sleep-mopping again.
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They both look sexy
KlarkKentThe3rd's avatar
Not sure if in-character.
DanomaruZenon's avatar
Only in your dreams, Spike!
rnko26's avatar
great he's kuno
gallop-free's avatar
and then twilight is eying him...
SPB2015's avatar
Eli-J-Brony's avatar
Spike isn't sure who to chose, is he?
herostalker's avatar
Spike dreaming about some "hot loving". Checking in three. Got a fever of 103 for that "hot loving", "hot loving".
Giganticluv's avatar
dude you must be a mind reader because I had a future story planed featuring Ember and Rarity along with spike
Meanlucario's avatar
That moment when Twilight notices Spike's boner...
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
Dream on little guy, dream on!
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Every little boy's dream.
karkovice1's avatar
:iconmlpspikeplz: :iconsays3plz: ZZZ... Yes, Rarity... zzz ... yes, Ember... zzz... Yes, I DO like three ways...

:iconwtftwilightplz: :iconsays3plz: What the???... 
GryphonStar5678's avatar
Human Twilight Sparkle Icon <And that's what Spike said. Should I be worried Cadence?

HappyCadencePLZ <Oh that's...... I.....  hmmm........ I really don't know how to handle this one. But I know just the pony to talk to about this.

twilight sparkle (smile) plz < Alright who?

HappyCadencePLZ < Queen Chrysalis

twilight sparkle mlp (oh my god) plz 
karkovice1's avatar

What DOES she do with those changeling minions of hers!? o_o
GryphonStar5678's avatar
Well Cadance is love, questions in love is where she is best at. Your stating that he is dreaming about a threesome, that more likely lust. Hence forth Chrysalis is the right one Twilight should ask for help.
karkovice1's avatar
And since Chrysalis FEEDS on love, it would be like the love has been DOUBLED. :)
zerarkerk's avatar
In these cases the first thing that comes to my mind is that ... Luna can see the dreams of others... hehehe
ZiddersRoofurry's avatar
Sleep shipping ! <3
AspiePie's avatar
Spike has some good fantasies!
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You and me Spike was the same dream.
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*splashes Spike with bucket*

Gen.Nightstorm: Hey, Spike! Don't slack off on the job!
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