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Spike Doesn't Want Me Anymore!!

"What does my little sister have that I don't?"
"Tickets to the Ice Cream Social?"
"et tu, Twilight Sparkle?!"

Sweetie Belle knows how to bag herself a dragon.

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You predicted “Dragon Dropped” lol

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Now this I like :D
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Lachlandingoarchive (6) by LachlanDingoArchive  (Oh no... poor Rarity.. I wish there was something I could do to cheer her up...)
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Ice cream does not need ticket. But if it's not ice cream, it's two tickets to Manehattan. And at manehattan, there's that fancy ice cream store.
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I think I saw a pony meme that said: "If the girl of your dreams never gives you the time of day, go with her sister!"
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Spike and Sweetie Belle are such cute couple, but poor Rarity. 
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Well now Rarity is getting a taste of her own medicine :D
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meet the wall ^^ lol :D (Big Grin) Tard OMG Emote   XD
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One day, you're bothered, the next day, you're cool with her being your GF.
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Those aren't two tickets for the Ice Cream Social...

They're two tickets to the gun show, and Sweetie ain't giving one to Spike. She's going with his ticket.

I hope somebody catches the reference...
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Stout shako for 2 refined??
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I'm pretty sure Rarity wouldn't care much even if Spike switched since she doesn't seem to care a bit about his crush on her.
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You know what's ironic about this, I just happen to ship Spike with all three girls (Rarity, Twilight and Sweetie Belle). XD
No, I do not support Spike being with all of them at the same time (I hate cheating in relationships -_-), I'm just a multishipper with anything (fictional) that makes sense. 
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i ship spike x sweetie belle
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Yes I like it better than spikebloom
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XD True I Hate Spikebloom
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Thank you very much I will watch you now yes I hate it so much I mean really spike has a better chance with sweetiebelle than Apple bloom but really he truly loves rarity and rarity dose to so screw prince blue blood and trendier hoof!!! Yes
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