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Sparkling Twilight

"What do you mean 'too much'? I'm not having too much. You're too much."

Don't get Twilight started on soda. She can't stop.

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"These things were filled with dangerous highly addictive chemicals." Police revamp

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But I didn't listen (Twilight Sparkle-Alicorn) PLZ: YES! The soda is making me powerful! I will be MORE POWERFUL THAN PINKIE!
Spike (i mean,wait!) PLZ  : Don't do it!
*sparks* *BOOM* *shine*
MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Crazy Insane Loony : AHAHAHHAAAAAHHHHHAAHAAAHHHAAAHHAAAAAAAA! I am more powerful! I win pinkie! I shall call myself, twilight sprinkles!
:iconpinkamenawhatplz:: You win twilight. I will give up
Crazy seizurish Twilight   : HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAHHAAAAAHAHHAHHAHAHA! Knell before your new optimism queen!
To be continued........
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Twilight has an addiction problem 
Pony style red bull or rather red stallion lol
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eeew, twilight drinks tab
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SO unlike Twilight!Roll Eyes Giggle 
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I expected that from Pinkie Pie.
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Okay, who gave Twilight all of those soda cans? XD
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No he didn't.
If he did, he would get arrested.
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it says Eeyup on the can, that is enough evidence
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I didn't notice that. XD Good point.
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Big Mackintosh : This here drink will make you crazy and say eyup all the time! big mac produtions... BUY ONE TODAY
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I'm reminded of that one scene from Iron Giant.
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:icondude2plz::iconsaysplz:woah! twilight?...don't you think you've had enough?

:iconangrytwilightplz::iconsaysplz:ENOUGH?!!! ILL YELL YOU WHEN IVE HAD ENOUGH!!!!!

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Twilight stop! All that sugar and caffeine!
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Who's let her have soda?
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:icontwilightscaryderpplz:....ssssssoda.... *whispers raspily*
:iconzombieponiesplz: What? What did ya say Twilight?
:iconinsanetwilightplz: Soda! Want Soda! *yells raspy but louder*
:iconmlpspikeplz: Oh ok. I got your sweet soda. *pulls up mysterious Soda can*
:iconhappytwilightplz: SODA!!!!! Precious SODA!!! *prepares her body, mind, soul and rump to gobble the liquid inside the Soda*
:iconangryspikeplz: Ah, Ah, AH! *He quickly pulls the can away from Twi mere seconds before she violated the poor sensitive soda can* You'll need to follow me through this darkly lit hallow street. *points at the noir NES style hallow dead end street*
:iconhappytwilightplz: Soda!!! *Drinks it happily until she realizes it's not sugary Soda but a super yummy protein shake*
:iconhorrifiedtwilightplz: *shrieks* IT BURNS US!!! IT BURNS US!!!
:iconspikehappiestplz: THAT'S THE QUE!!! CATCH HER!!!
*And from the mere 8 bit looking darkness multiple mares and stallions from all type of coat colors came, captured and tied Twilight up in 10 seconds flat.
:iconangrytwilightplz: *cough* *cough* Spiiike! You said it was soda!
:iconmlpnyxplz: It wasn't Soda mom. It was my super special Nyx flavored protein shake! I just got it trademarked! And I chose you to be my first tester.
:iconangrytwilightplz: Well it needs more sugar. *continues drinking her shake*
:iconponynyxplz: Anyway......when you and Flash will give me a baby brother? I need someone to help me with my schemes and the cutie Mark Crusaders have their hooves busy with preparing my shakes while Uncle Spike is busy counting my bits.
:icontwilightcrazyplz: *chokes on her protein shake*
Fosters reference?
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Yep it is. I love that show. :D
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