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Sparkle Family Homecoming

"Get out of the way, Flash."
"Yeah, well, I was invited fair and square! Guests should be invited in first!"

I like the idea of Twilight and Shining Armor heading home to see their loving parents. And I'm sure they're just as excited to see them. They were so stiff in canon. Background crying ponies. C'mon Hasbro. They're their parents.

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Spike having wellies is the only reason I like and faved this. Too bad we don't get to see him wearing em.
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Cadance: Shining stop this or you will sleep you know and you dont want it!
Shining: Ok!
Twilight: the same for you Flash!
Flash: Yes twilight!
Night light: Kids!(i got my eyes on you Flash!)
Velvat: Honey!
Night light: Nothing!
Velvat: we have talk of this last year!
Night light: Ok ok!
Twilight: Why Dad and Shiny be so..?
Cadance: Overprotective?
Twilight: Yeah! Now i know what AJ feel were she Date with somepony!
Cadance: Shining?
Shining: Yes Honey?
Cadance: If i have a big brother what you think will do of me and you?(she look twilight and flash)
Shining: he will what i am doin right?
Cadance: Yes! and a little sister dont like thier big brother or Big sister be overprotector!
Velvat: And is the Same for a Father! Right Night light? think of my Brother?
Night light: Oh i total Forget this! i have still some nightmare of it!
Twilight: What Uncle be very Protecter?
Velvat: he be worst shining and your father!
Night light: be close to never be togeter and never be marrie!
Shining: Oh? and if uncle i succeed me and twily will never be born?! Ok i get it!
Flash: i will not ask are Your Father a be Miss Velvat!
Velvat: Oh he be more worst! but Thanks of my Mother and my Sister i finaly be date your Father!
Shining&Twilight: i feel sorry for Grandfather and Uncle!
Night Light: You a no idea! hehehehe! but i will never make tham mad!(scared face)
Velvat: Yeah Mother and sis can be very friendly but in the same time very scary!
Twilight: Shining?
Shining: Yes Twilight?
Twilight: Promise me to never be like Grandmother and Aunty!
Shining: Yeah and the same For You!
Twilight: Pinkie Promise!
Shining: Pinkie Promise!
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:iconshiningarmorplz: "Stop poking me with your ribs!"
:iconflashsentryplz: "It's called BREATHING!"
I honestly do hope we see more episodes focusing on the families of "The Mane 6"(other then Applejack's since we've seen plenty of those, but 1 about her parents would be nice). Nightlight and Twilight Velvet finally did get a speaking role in "The Crystaling Part.2" I have a lot of thoughts on how everyone here could co with this family get together, really nice and cute drawing!!!
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Twilight and cadence say, oh come on boys
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EqG Shining Armor (Angry) Plz :i will be in there first!                                                                                                                                                                                Rocker Flash Sentry Ready To Fight Emoticon. :NO YOU WON´T! 
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Thanks for using my Emoticon. :)
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Cadance looks like she loves having a father-in-law. Since she was an orphan according to the MLP chapter books, Night Light is probably the only dad she's ever known.
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Spike is family with Twilight
KDN91's avatar
Absolutely. Plus he looks so doggone cute pulling his yellow boots off. ^_^
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The art would have been better if Flurry Heart was in it
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I wouldn't be surprised if dm29 is planning another Sparkle family picture of Twilight Velvet and Night Light meeting their granddaughter. :)
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why am i not surprised that those two aren't getting along?
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What is it that Shining Armour has against Flash Sentry?
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Why? Is he a bit uneasy with Flash dating Twilight?
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Irony. Twilight was overprotective of Shining when he was marrying Cadence and now HE'S overprotective of Twily since she's starting to date Flash. 
TheThunder-Art's avatar
Wake up, you.  Twilight knew something was wrong, so was "overprotective" for a good reason.  Your opinion is fine, but you should know what really happened.
EuanM1's avatar
Well that might be another reason how they are related. Still I don't generally go for Twilight and Flash, I actually prefer Twilight being on her own or with Thomas in TAFA in MLP.
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for some reason twilight's face made me think of dora the explorer.  and i should slap myself for thinking that.
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Twilight Velvet or Twilight Sparkle?
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I just want to possibly see this in a comic or animation where Twi suddenly turns her head and says cooly "Boys." and the two resolve the issue within a second, then Twi goes back to doing whatever-it-is-that-Twilights-doing.
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Doesn't Flash has a family in your headcannon too? Maybe Twilight will be his family one day, but is First Base really all that Flash has?
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there is this artist who gave him two sisters.
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