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Soft Spot

"Who's a great husband, huh? huzzagreathusband? Yus you are..."

Princess Cadance knows how to get her way around Shining Armor.

No Bases. Please do not modify my work in any way.

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Shining do tell us why you went exploring Cadence'scave if wonders and brought forth something that was clearly not the magic lamp. I move for immediate castration. Let's tie her tubes while we're at it. Besetting that little demon spawn on Equestria. Shame on them. It's a cute picture though :)
ionoid's avatar
People who hate on Flurry Heart need to be castrated...
Damn, I like your naughty art X3
Zackaspudz18's avatar
What's shining armours weak spot?
Teen-Lyoko-Fan7777's avatar
For some reason, I looked at this and thought that Princess Cadance was going to throw up.
WhereIsMyCookieo-o's avatar
And thats how Flurry was made XD
Tiger-Hawk's avatar
karkovice1's avatar
:iconshiningarmorplz: :iconsays3plz: Uhh... Shouldn't I be the one on top?

:iconprincesscadenceplz: :iconsays3plz: Not in MY world, dream boy!
kid0605's avatar
Shining why?!?! -blushes- 
TooCliched's avatar
Found the soft spot!
ShannaImprov's avatar
Oh... Looks like Cadance is getting a little frisky with her husband.
LordChaosX's avatar
Goddamn it, DM! You're tempting me to make a joke i know I shouldn't make!
Deeter-Spirit's avatar
Is it just me or Cadance really have a baby bump?
Articunos-Bitch's avatar
Poor Shining. Both Cadance and Chrysalis know his weak spots, and they re both merciless.
Darkagumon2000's avatar
Chibi Princess Cadence Icon Cadance has found Shiny's favorite scratch point.......Princess Cadence (Angry) Plz Or she is choking the life out of him.
Little-Hellion-Fever's avatar
They are just so cute together!!!!
bbasco2's avatar
Scratch a little higher and I'll bet he starts kicking his hind leg...
theadminguy's avatar
okay there is two ways this can look so tell me what does it look like
experimentalDeity's avatar
Next, Shining's leg does the "scratch relex" (that thing where an animal kicks its leg at a certain spot)
Chiyawa's avatar
Twilight: (run crashing through the door) Princess Cadance, there's an Ooh, er... I think I just leave you 2. (leave the room blushing)

Applejack: Well, did you tell her?

Twilight: I can't. They are... Doing it.

Meanwhile, at Ponyville, Flurryheart's magic is out of control, terrorizing Ponyville citizen...

(to be continue...)
PinkieThePowerpuff's avatar
Cadence: We're gonna make Flurry Heart "a little" sibling. ;P
Shining Armor: *GULP* :O
Coldwolf95's avatar
im trying my hardest not to think of this in a naughty way, but cadance's pleasureful eyes make it so difficult
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