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Sickness Buddy

"Oh, Spikh. *snort* Yer're sho schweet to *sniff* take care of me likh dhis."

I was close to getting a flu, but it's probably the hazy weather we've been getting. I'm actually better now. I was under the weather enough to vector this piece though.

No Bases. Please do not modify my work in any way.

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Still have alicornitis?
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you were actually sick when making this?

that's what i call determination
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I can relate to this deviation right now. I've had a cold for almost a week, which I caught on the job from a sick co-worker. Today is my second non-consecutive day off from work. It reared its ugly mane over the weekend at Comic Con Honolulu, where I had to end my panel after only 10 minutes because I was suddenly sweating a lot onstage from a fever. Being sick during the summertime in a tropical climate like Hawaii is not fun!
I wish I had a sickness buddy.
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I wonder if we will have an episode about an alicorn being sick and getting trouble with her magic.
Poor Twilight! Even the smartest of ponies can get sick sometimes. Here's some carrot soup! And get well soon, Twi!
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I know that feeling as of recent. I can sympathize.
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Awww Spike is such a nice friend!
What's that green cloud behind Twilight? o_0 Gas or BO?
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I want Twi to hug me!
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Twilight so cute
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MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Happy Spike! You brought me soup so I'll feel better.
Spike (i mean,wait!) PLZ Yeah....Uh....You're not contagious are you?
MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Envy Covet Spite .........Give me my soup and go.
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Awwww Sick Twily, can ya let go of Spike, he'll get sick too. XD
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Twilight, I love you, but could you please not hug me when you're sick?
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Awwww. Poor Twili.
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Aww feel better Twi Rescue mission 
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That's very cute! Poor sick Twilight, Spike now has to deal with her breath. :P
Glad you're feeling better now. Next time you feel under the weather, try some chicken soup. It's the Jewish cure for whatever ails you.
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