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Siblinghooves Social

"Your Princess DEMANDS she be allowed to enter in this competition!"

Still all "wut" over Big Mac. Brothers go to the ends of the earth for their little sisters.

This was created before the episode, with small adjustments to Big Mac's dress during. Fluttershy is there because I thought she could replace Rarity. I mean, I called the Rainbow Dash "sister" one right, right?
Original before episode (5x17) teaser here:
 Siblinghooves Social (Alt. Original) by dm29 

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IMO Shining looks more feminine than Big Mac there despite not having eyelashes.
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omg that would have be so much fun XD
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Anyone at any age can wait, Shining Armor why not Cadence!?!
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Twilight, you know that you could ask Cadence to participate with you, right?
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Everypony step back, Twilight's gonna blow!
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Shining Armor might feel reeeeeaally jealous, or left out, possibly!
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Holy shit cross dressing :XD:
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Because Shining, she has a big part coming very soon. So let the other Characters have their screening time.
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Sweetie Belle: Aren't two are too old to play this game?

Shining Armor: No, no we're not.
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unllike   Shinning Armor we all know Cadance is too busy running the crystal empire to be Twilight sister in race.
This is how I imagine Flash Sentry reacting to still not getting any character development in the third movie.

Flash: I'm not asking for much, just give me a real personality dammit!
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im with you the whole ep was a big waaaaa i mean dont get me wrong i do anything for my family but i have standards but atleast its good to hear big mac FINAL talking again seriasly when was the last ep that he talk and decide to keep him mute not mute but you know what i mean by the way was anyone else scared to see big mac in drags
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fluttershy: twilight umm you know you couldve join at anytime plus why couldn't you brought cadence instead
twilight: (stareing at fluttershy) Gggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrr
fluttershy: (picking up sweetiebell) umm ok i understand (flys away with seetie)
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+1 for Shining's dialogue! lol
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Shining is just gorgeous!
ShadowWolf6465's avatar guys don't have to go that far
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I actually think the idea of Sweetie Belle asking Fluttershy to fill in for Rarity or for Fluttershy volunteering to cheer Sweetie Belle up is a great idea! Man I loved this episode!! 

Nice work on this.
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Awwww, this was adorable, poor Twi <3
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