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Shy Flap-flap

Aww, you made her blush.

Sticker? Sticker.…

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Fluttershy is cloned.
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Ummm... I surrender.
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Ultra Magnus : so this is what she does when she embarrassed ??? Flash : yep
Ultra Magnus: *takes a peek at that fine plot *
Flash : *hits him on the head * look away ultra she's mine and it's going to stay that way
Ultra Magnus: 😒 joy kill
Flash : shut up
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😨 Why are you looking at me like that, princess?!
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Me: Wow Twi, Your Looking Nice Today.
Twilight: *Gives Me A Hug*
Me: Your Welcome!
Twilight: Wanna Come Over To My House?
Me: Sure!

You Guys Get To Decide What Happens Next! 
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you two  read and make love hahah
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You have the S.E.X

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SpideyfanDA's avatar
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Awww, silly flap flap *brushie brushie!*
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That is a ? to raise
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Look at my name. What do you think?
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? stands for: question

and yes I know charmless how do you make twi blush
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Fancy seeing you here twily
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I like how you referred to me as that.

Fancy seeing you on this art. :)
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So how you feeling since that journal entry?
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IDK I want to do this get noticed and more. but I mean i'm nervous, introverted, autistic i'm scootaloo trying to get noticed by rainbow dash trying to be taken under her wing in sleepless in ponyville.
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