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She Anger, She Laugh

"No, I don't do that anymore."

After a Twitter poll, the obvious choice for vectoring after I've finally seen the movie was Tempest Shadow, seen here in show-style. (Well, my show-style but you know what I mean.)

Not sure if I want to put on her armor yet. She's such a sweetie, post-oppression.

No Bases. Please do not modify my work in any way.
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So we still don't know what her cutie mark looks like:o (Eek) 
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That's what Leonard Nimoy said, but in 2015 he died before the Friendship Games was on.
She's great in the prequels too :)  [although Andy Price makes almost anything with four legs awesome]
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She is cute, but still evil...
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And she Cute! X3
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I was waiting for someone to vector Tempest in the show's style. She looks adorable, unsurprisingly, in this style.
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You dm29 are so awesome at everything!

Say......, can you do My little pony Rainbow power ponies With longer manes and tails just like from Twilight's Kingdom Part 2, Please?
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Okay first, I do find this a bit cute and second, how the heck does she get into that really
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Magic, how else?
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If she's looking for a job after the loss of her previous employer, she might try out for buckball. She has got some moves.
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Can you do My little pony Rainbow power ponies with longer manes and tails just like from twilight's kingdom part 2 episode, please?
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More people should draw Tempest in just her spandex (or whatever it's called).  She looks really cute and casual that way.  :-)
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Kinda like Tony stark's black undersuit from iron man. in fact I have a theory where Tempest's broken horn could be used to provide power like the core in an arc reactor. As we witnessed in the movie ending her broken horn does have chemical reactive capabilites - it's how those fireworks were made.
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I love the way she looks in your style, so cute in her...leotard? Is that what that garment is? 
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It's more of a skintight jumpsuit. kinda like iron man…
very cute!
great picture!
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She angre but she also laff.  :3
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After watched the movie, Tempest is so cool!
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She Anger, She laugh, please put her in the trash.

I kid(somewhat). I have no opinion of Edge horse.
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