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Send Pie Notices Me?

"This was a dumb enterprise."

You heard 'im, ladies. Send all your pie to:
Box 93
Wonderbolts Academy
Cloudsdale 2284

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Does a pie to the face count?

UnknownSoulCollector's avatar
okay I will send you a pie~:pie:
elr79655's avatar
Which sister was he expecting?
shimmerharmony4215's avatar

I had to read it over and over again to get it XD
MarioSonicPeace's avatar
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i'm pretty sure Pinkie already noticed you guys...

(thumbs up if you get the joke!)
Marblelight's avatar
No one sure got her of these two!! Cheese does! :D
MarioSonicPeace's avatar
Wodahseht's avatar
Heh heh heh... I'm with Soarin on this one.
hawaii42612's avatar
What would happen if somebody tried that...? Watch it be an actual place....
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send pie = senpai
FangRoseTheHedgehog's avatar
Flash gets it. I'm not so sure about Soarin', though.
ParfaitEevee's avatar
Soarin :master of puns

flash is not amused,I am.
Minami-Kousaka's avatar
I ship him and Pie because of an instrumental song.
BravoKrofski's avatar
I will send pie immediately! xD
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