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See You In Season Five


So, what did we have in Season Four? Twilight gets herself a very charming horse friend, Spike is more pravelent episode-wise, that box, some kind of games, severe lack of Shining Armor, but a less sickly Princess Cadance. Pretty good I guess. What will happen in Season 5?

(Art created before season finale, scheduled for upload. Future self, please cry buckets if Twilight moves out of Ponyville.)

Julian's comments on finale will follow (if any): I guess that was okay. The destruction of the (place) was just very sad. I didn't need that. And it wasn't rebuilt. Plus, (Princess pony) has a new (eyesore) to live in. It will take some getting used to? But for now, toy show, toy show, toy show. Hey, great Flash Sentry appearance though. That's how you make a finale work!

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And then there were three.

This is cute. Nice job.
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And then there were FOUR.

Never exclude the owl. :XD:
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True. XD 
He's important too. :)
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Eeeeeeeyup Twilight Sparkle ''THE PICNIC!'' icon Big Mackintosh 
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Season 5 will be release in spring 2015
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Teu are so cute together!!!!!!!!I love It(totally)
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awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww like this 
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WAIT WOAH!  The owl flew away when the treehouse blew up!  (I know his name I just don't know how to spell it)
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they couldn't possibly end the greatest show on earth with just 5 seasons, if so I'm filing a complaint to Hasbro Studios, and hopefully I'll see lots of my favorite OTPs and events become canon at last (by "events" I mean the rest of the mane six becoming Alicorns)
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You do know we were lucky to get even four seasons? We're already seeing way more episodes then most shows, so if season five is the last, then we should be grateful it lasted that long.
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I think season 4 was the last of them because when episode 26 came out it had a snappy ending by a song lyric *because togehether we will always shine* and a icture came up season fanilies never are like that unless its the final season so I think there are no more mlp coming out anytime soon well that's what I belive from my ponitofveiw
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"I,Princess Celestia,Hereby Declares That Princess Twilight Sparkle Blah blah blah As He Own."
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I see someone finally noticed.
It reads "I, Princess Celestia, hereby decree that Princess Twilight Sparkle inherits her new crib as her own."
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Nod the owl flew away
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Aww < : )
Season 5 in 2015
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Hopefully if season 5 is the final season of the show it will end with a bang. I want romance and friendship and a fantastic one-liner from Twilight at the end.
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