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So, what did we have in Season Four? Twilight gets herself a very charming horse friend, Spike is more pravelent episode-wise, that box, some kind of games, severe lack of Shining Armor, but a less sickly Princess Cadance. Pretty good I guess. What will happen in Season 5?

(Art created before season finale, scheduled for upload. Future self, please cry buckets if Twilight moves out of Ponyville.)

Julian's comments on finale will follow (if any): I guess that was okay. The destruction of the (place) was just very sad. I didn't need that. And it wasn't rebuilt. Plus, (Princess pony) has a new (eyesore) to live in. It will take some getting used to? But for now, toy show, toy show, toy show. Hey, great Flash Sentry appearance though. That's how you make a finale work!

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And then there were three.

This is cute. Nice job.