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See You At The Deep End

Let's move away from the Flashimmer conspiracy for a bit. Who wants some poolside fan service?

Ah, the anime swimwear trope. I felt I didn't need to wait until summer for a bathing suit piece, plus it's pretty warm here already. So here we are. The girls head to the community pool. Spike's okay to be there so long as the lifeguards are distracted.

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With my usual deal with the Equestria Girls, I didn't give them unachievable figures when bringing them down to their skimpies, though not so much for the Cutie Mark Crusaders, who I put in to fill the pool. Plus, I figured out how to do up the glimmering pool effects and put them to good use.

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With lots of things going on when pinkie pie wondered of a rule violation when spike as a canine was with rarity. As twilight was to be stripping for flash sentry as sweetie belle along with applejack and rainbow dash wondered what was under the towel flutter-shy is wearing.

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Why would Fluttershy wear a two piece and Rarity a one piece?
SpartanChase118's avatar
dm29 now ships sunflash, :(
SaltyTangerine's avatar
Rainbow dash and sweetie belle want to see some of fluttershy XD
zaniaaida's avatar
Everybody knows that dm29 rocks
FangRoseTheHedgehog's avatar
You know, if you look closely at the rules sign, the top one, which I believe is the "No Pets" rule, has an image of Pinkie Pie's pony form instead of a dog
BenCurt's avatar
*Recognizes the expression on Twilight and Flash*
Yeah, I'd probably wait till nightfall to do that...
KnightofNerdom's avatar
 Keep your hands to yourself Mr. Sentry

And please pull up your bottoms Twilight, your butt crack is showing 
Inam41's avatar
KnightofNerdom's avatar
What? Flash ain't getting any of that, and it's called modesty.
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ok but the word butts is so funny
NeoduelGX's avatar
Will there be full body pics of the girls in their swimsuits?
ThirstyBoi39's avatar
When Sunset goes into the pool does she become... Sunset Swimmer?
[gets brick thrown at head]
TheAbyssalSamurai's avatar
-throws a hard copy version of all of Deviantart-
SaltyTangerine's avatar
*Throws my whole refrigerator* 
UltraVioletMLP's avatar
Celestia apparently has a side job making sunscreen.
axedog's avatar
twilight has a boner she's trying to reach it :^)
MJEGameandComicFan89's avatar
Wonderful swimming work you've made!
Amy-Rose-Fan123's avatar
I like how Sweetie is like ''I saw what you did there, Fluttershy''
ofEndless's avatar
The first thing I noticed was how happy Rainbow Dash looks about the fact that Sunset Shimmer was able to get Fluttershy through her shyness and convince her to get into the pool and wearing a swimsuit.   The second thing I noticed is that Fluttershy's top is white, and white becomes see-through when wet.  I then stopped thinking about that detail as to avoid it becoming creepy in my mind and continued to ship FlutterDash, as I am pretty sure Sunset Shimmer is just being a good friend in this picture.
creepycandy456's avatar
What's up with twilight and flutter shy 0-0
hint Twilights hand
Holycrap1992's avatar
*notices Sweetie Bell*...*<insert Jaws music here>*
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