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Science Never Sleeps

"Wake me up when you find the solution, Twilight."

It's Science Time with Science Twilight and Sunset Shimmer for some reason! Non-canon, as I don't think there is a human copy of Sunset Shimmer in the Mirror World. But hey! This is dedicated to all the women in science. Book smarts are attractive!

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The first Friendship Games short has Sunset doing science on her friends. I'm hoping that, after Friendship Games, we might see some team-ups between Sunset and human!Twilight trying to solve some mystery with Weird SCIENCE!
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I don't know why this reminds me of Princess Bubblegum
Everypony else has a Mirror double--why not Sunset?
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:icondrinsanoplz: All in the name of SCIENCE!
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That twilight, at the post credit scene of Rainbow Rocks, did not act like the twilight from equestria. And for that, I have a theory:

I recently posted an idea for a third installment called Godzilla´s Arrival. That twilight in the end is presumably an OC i planned to develop named Admiral Kwanzuke, which he is an admiration for the common jewish-type of holiday named Kwanzaa. He is a former military soldier and a monster and equestrian magic hater which is presumably why he tells the strange magic at Canterlot High. Before the ending of rainbow rocks, Admiral Kwanzuke and his red pet lizard (which is unnamed at the moment) are disguised as a lab-nerdy twilight sparkle and a non-talking spike the dog. So we could assume that Admiral Kwanzuke is a shape-shifter (besides Queen Chrysalis from the series´ 2nd season finale and the two spies from Team Fortress 2). If the third installment i put on idea wikia comes to life (premiering on theaters), it will have Admiral Kwanzuke explaining the events from 2013 and 2014. Most villains are wizards and sorcerers (such as Aladdin´s most wanted villain Jafar)  but Admiral Kwanzuke is such an intelligent shape-shifting villain.


Does my theory make sense, or am I just being silly?
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:) i like twi's face <3
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twilight u do know that sunset for a arother world wait where the real human sunset see sunset is for pony world but there would no human sunset but they saw the human
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the,real twilight. isn't she?
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i think this is prety acurate of where the real human sunset shimmer is
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oh...right...there'd be a "Human-world" Sunset Shimmer also...

...unless of course she killed her and replaced her...
Or maybe the paradox of two Sunset Shimmers caused a great strain on the fabric of reality that it had to self correct and erase the existence of one Sunset after the pony Sunset overstayed in this dimension ...
err ... or maybe she killed her.
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Then the other twilight wouldn't be there either. :/
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The hair style now just haunts me :\
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I wonder if Twi brings her own magically enhanced labcoat for special expirements...
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I don't think this Twilight has magic. She would bring in science like robots or something. Though apparently theres an anti magic forcefield.
Actually, I think that she WOULD have magic...but she's convinced herself that she just has psychic powers.
(After all, psychic powers ARE pretty close to magic.)
Otherwise, I agree with you; she'd primarily use advanced technology.
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I imagine if she gets into a fight with the Pony Twilight, and uses her psychic powers. Pony Twilight would point out its magic,, Human Twilight would says its not and they would stop fighting to have an:"is not, is too" argument.
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Twilight: Sunset wake up i finally discovered the solution

Sunset: *Still asleep*
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:iconhumantwilightsparkle: :iconsays3plz: It's now time for the next phase in the experiment! Ready, Sunset?..... Sunset?

:iconsunsetshimmerplz: *snore*

:iconhumantwilightsparkle: :iconsays3plz: Oh well... guess I'll have to do it myself...

Spike: *RUFF RUFF*

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who you think if they do make a Equestria Girls 3 where the ponies and the girls meet their different versions of each other at least what I'm just guessing
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My Human Twilight: Science Is Adorable
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