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Rubbing Cheeks With Royalty

"Okay. you can step back now."
"Can't. It's stuck to yours..."

I did this a while back... Did I upload this before?

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I love this style, I wish you'd do more fuzzy numkins
Very cute - the fuzznums style works really well for this scene :-)
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I usually don't care about this couple, but I like how you draw them!
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So wute and naughty!
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Works really well for this picture XP
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I enjoy this particular style alot. I approve.
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Eeeee! *snuggles teh cute fluffies*! ^w^
Don't know, don't care. It's cute and fun. Thanks
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I guess extra-fuzzy pony cheeks have Velcro-like qualities.
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Silly Cadance. Shining is not royalty.
Nope. You did not upload this one before.
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nerp yer didn't upload it before
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Twilight Sparkle: *Hiding somewhere, looking at the superglue* JUST AS PLANNED.
ArcCahlon's avatar
LMAO why would that not surprise me. filly twi the original shipper.
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It's a plausible reason, you know.

A D&D basement geek and a princess getting together?

He must have a wingpony putting him in countless settings to make this relationship work.
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true and twi would make the best wing pony. 
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Aww, adorable!
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