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Rocking Rainbow

"To defeat the Dazzles, we have to... Rainbow Dash, are you listening? Rainbow?"

Rocking Rainbow, Rainbow Rocks, eh? EH?? I like the new cross-legged thing I've done with Rainbow Dash from the slumber party piece. It was natural that I used it for something as ridiculous as this.

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*deep breath* ....GOD DAMMIT SHE SO ADORABLE!!!
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Dashie looks awesome in the shirt :D
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Dashie loves rocking on that stool.
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Has anyone offered to animate this yet? I might as well, MAY I PWEASE?
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So awesome. :icondashissuperhappyplz:
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...Someone needs to animate this now...SQUEAK~. SQUEAK~. SQUEAK~. ^^

~ Hi-chan <3
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Yes! We must animate dis!
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Hey Rainbowdash, nice kid Nathan Drake shirt!
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Adowable pics are adowable =D
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I think rainbow might be sick. She can't seem to control her stools. (YEAH SHAMELESS JOKE STEALING FROM BO BURNHAM)
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Hurp Durp.. Rainbow has fun with stoles!
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:icondemomanplz:: Bloody brilliant!
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I chortled so much upon seeing this.
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I cannot stop laughing
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Adorable Equestria Girl reference to one of my favorite season 4 moments.
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Rainbow Rocks! Get it? I guess not... :XD:
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