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Reading Derpy [!P]

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She reads.

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Derpy and Scootaloo spending some quality time trying to assemble an IKEA toaster
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I remembered Derpy's skin was used as a toaster cozy in SHED.MOV.
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i dont understand but i love it
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Most important thing to know about the toaster: It makes for a LOUSY bath toy.
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XD Oh silly 
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
How to use a toaster for dummies.
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you can imagine the number of T-words over Derpy's time
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A little early for Thanksgiving don't you think.
derpy toaster turkey...
i see no correlation but i love it!
great picture!!
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Hmm... Maybe she is learning the alphabet? Words began with the letter "T" are Toaster, Turkey, and Tree, just to name a few.

Derpy: This picture was brought to you by the letter "T".
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Hmmm I'm sure there's a joke in here somewhere XD
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she going to toast the turkey? 
toastr... doesn’t thar have something to do with JavaScript 
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Derpy is my fave wafu ever :) 
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another victim of Rarity  choosing Twilight for one of her trends.  filtered in from canterlot high to equestria.
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"So the bread becomes toast INSIDE the toaster. Now I get it!"
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Is she reading the instructions for building an IKEA toaster? :D
Pinkie Pie by Shelmo69  This is the most random thing I've ever seen!  And I know random!
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And yet, very adorable!
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