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Rarity P.I.

"Don't worry, Rainbow Dash. I'll find out who's responsible with my trusty sleuthing dress!"
"Spitfire is doomed."

I loved Rarity's look in this outfit from the episode (5x15). A pretty good episode. Kinda like a MLP Friends Forever comic.

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Rarity:   Eat your heart out Sherlock!

Dash:   Who are you talking to?
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That title screams a parody of Magum P.I and i hear the t.v. theme song in the background. :)…
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That was my favorite, especially the way the pony tail swung around when she moved her head.
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You drew Rarity in my favorite outfit from that episodes, thank you.
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Don`t know why but I think Rarity would do an AWESOME Peggy Carter (MARVELS AGENT CARTER)
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Ahaha XD.
But it looks pretty! :D
Dose characters do X3.
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Ahaha XD.
But it looks pretty! :D
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Well done. Expresses good how Rainbow Dash didn't trust Rarity.
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Spitfire is like a lost pet! XD
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That episode was entertaining. :) (Smile) 
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If you listen closely, her hoofsteps were muffled while wearing those shoes.
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Right now, Tom Selleck is going :iconfacepalmplz:

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First it was Simple Ways, and now this.

I know the next episode is another Rarity episode with Applejack and Coco tagging along.  Here's hoping for a trifecta of really good Rarity episodes.
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... you know, you're right. It had exactly the Buddy Comic structure, pacing, and Now For Something Completely Different quirkiness of a Friends Forever story.
yeah, I thought it had a storyline similar to what you would see in a friend's forever comic, also.
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34 23 32... why do I imagine her measurements when i read this. 
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Groan...This episode was ruined for me ever since I watched Phoenix Wright / My Little Pony: Turnabout Storm. Spitfire going missing because of a fake letter seems like small potatoes compared to being accused of murder.
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You know what you need to draw? Spitfire being embarrassed by her mom.
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lmao oh that be sweet
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