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Rarity Noir

"Drat. Any more steam and this outfit might shrink!"

An isolation (and treatment) of Rarity from this week's delayed "MLP S5 Nutshell". The muted colours is the result of a Transparency Blend on a shape layer. Nifty.

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I could ship Rarity with Spider-Man Noir
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The dress is really good!
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That episode was so incredible, they pulled off the aesthetic so well yet still had it moving the characters forward, it wasn't just being silly.
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Rarity, best investigator.
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Lol, Rarity has nice work even when its in black and white! You really captured the spirit of the character here if she is presented in such situation. Well done.

Overall this fan-work is fine.

My only critique would be is this probably would have been much better portrayed if Rarity's face showed a knowing smile of confidence rather than the unsure look you currently have.  An "I know something(s) you don't" style of the femme fatale that Rarity was portraying during the episode.
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certainly a cool effect.
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"Oh no, Murky and Lurky are stealing my colors!"
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Rarity was on top form in that episode. :D
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I loved the fact that pony versions of Sherlock and John were in this episode.
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That's funny because this exact thing happened in issue #16 FIM line of the MLP comics.  And it was in black and white too i believe.
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I'm already gonna assume that I am the only one here who is even familiar with certain Noire films.
Here's lookin' at you, kid.
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Very much Approved!
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Who knows what tackiness lies in the hearts of ponies? Shadow Spade knows!
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wow =)=)=)<3<3 so beautiful art =)<3
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Looks nice with the steam, hope Rarity's outfit doesn't shrink.
That is great.

I just wish the "Who done it" part of the show was better.
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