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Ramen Party

"Uh, Derpy. You need to put the noodle cake in the water."

Applejack's not doing much better with these new-fangled convenience foods either.

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jaymes1127's avatar
I approve.....
jonz35's avatar
Cooking. Not even once.
DoubleBlaze's avatar
how come AJ cup on fire
Kone5497's avatar
Derpy is so awesome!
kite11's avatar
i've eaten my ramen like Derpy before, its kinda tasty if you sprinkle the flavor dust on it, just a bit messy
PrismaticAngel's avatar
Uh-oh, I think AJ got the spicy one! :giggle: :rofl:
overtherainbw's avatar
Oh my god, Derpy is soo cuute! Meow :3 
Jarkes's avatar
Rainbow Dash: ...I'm not sure who's failing more epically here...
miaknhikari's avatar
Will,I think that will be...YOU.
(for eating it under the traditional way that write on the cup.AJ and Derpy are doing it in the COOL(and for Derpy,it's god dan right) WAY!!!!
DHGBoxMonster's avatar
Derpy is the only one doing it right.
jonz35's avatar
Just add water, they said. It will be delicious, they said.
GJTProductions's avatar
I had ramen once, it reminded me of wet cardboard. :bleh:

I don't get the appeal of it...
Gardboyz-Productions's avatar
I didn't know you could burn soup
Artsy-Purple-Lover87's avatar
HAPPY EARLY B-DAY (sry....hehehhe)
MLP-OC-Creators-Wiki's avatar
I usually put it in the microwave...I have no idea how they're cooking it with boiling water.
miaknhikari's avatar
Just pour the boiling water into the cup.(U know,like make a cup of Instant Coffee !)
or(if you like it taste better and heather,or just being a asian like me)
Boiling the water with a pot,and than the ramen cake into the pot,add the flavoring,and if U like,put some canned tuna/chili/meat sauce/ham/egg/fresh veg....etc into the pot.(bascly COOK it)
Gardboyz-Productions's avatar
Apparently, you're not supposed to microwave ramen when it is in a cup, due to it being styrofoam. But I prefer the microwave-safe type
MLP-OC-Creators-Wiki's avatar
Yes, I know. I cut around the noodles in the styrofoam cup, put it in a microwave safe bowl, add water, and cook for 3 minutes.
PROTOTYPE223's avatar
I don't eat ramen, I am more or a pasta type.
Gardboyz-Productions's avatar
Amen to that. I'll take a lasagna over microwave ramen any day
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