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Quite Elegant This Movie Magic

This is an vector model experiment based on the style from the upcoming movie. Flash is here because, well, he was the original movie-exclusive pony, wasn't he? (Good excuse, Julian)

Obviously, the ponies in the movie are different from the show, so I had to start Twilight upanew. They have a more refined design and the mares have a new structure for the head that isn't very pronounced on the stallions. And those eyes.

I say this a lot, but I don't intend on doing a whole lot of these, at least until my hypocrisy kicks in.

No Bases. Please do not modify my work in any way.

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Simple adorable!
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lol..her horn tho~~
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The MLP movie would look cute is they'd have Twilight in a kiss scene 
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Her horn looks like it's a little off to the side of her head. Nice vector, though. Excellent work.
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I remember the movie has more shading... Which in a way it makes the character looks better but in another way it makes the character look a bit odd, to me, anyway.

Nice vector, though.
this looks great!
nice picture!
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Looks like Twilight's younger sister :XD:
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And sadly we will never see him again in the show.
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Haven't seen anything related to the MLP movie yet (yes, not even the trailer). I want to go into this as blind as possible.
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What I like about this movie style, is how much puffier the ponies look now. 
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I ship it, and that this art is cute
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Cool. His art is very good, especially MLP. Do you make more Comics ?
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I like those ears and those cute little noses and pretty much everything. Twi-Twi's horn looks a little off-center to me tho... 
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And chubby cheeks too 
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I like that their mouths actually look normal this time instead of always looking like tiny hangnails.
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Great job capturing the new style!
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Looks so adorable!
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I'll pass on this ship but Twilight look really cute!
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Wow looks cute.
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