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Questions Over Coffee

"Wow, what's Captain Shining Armor like? Is he all-authoritative? No, wait. What's it like dating a princess?"

Snowfight over, Flash warms up with holiday coffee with the girls (most of them anyway).

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In the background was to have a snowball fight between Trixie and starlight glimmer as sunset shimmer was interrupted by the fight when she along with moon dancer, twilight and flash sentry were discussing matters over hot chocolate when the chance moon dancer was to be the next target when she was believed to be hit in the back of the head

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Wow, talk about unexpected foreshadowing.
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For some reason Trixie has declared war on her new best friend.
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She's smiling. She's just failing to realize she's overdoing it.
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TRIXIE: "The Great and Powerful Trixie is Twilight Sparkle's one true reformed nemesis!"

STARLIGHT: "No! Starlight is... Er... I mean... I am!"

TRIXE: "Trixie will prove it!"


TRIXIE: "By inflicting on her rival... an extreme makeover!"


SUNSET (thinks): "Man... I'm glad that I'm sane enough not to need external validation over my relationship with Twi!"
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So happy that you put Flash in this picture
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This is funny because they all started out as unicorns and flash is the only different race in this picture. XD
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All I can think now is that Sesame Street thing "One of these is not like the others." 
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Sunset is looking at Trixe and Starlight with a "what are you two doing?" kind of face.
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MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Envy Covet Spite Moon Dancer....Shining Armor is my brother...
Moondancer cheery Oh! Wait....YOU'RE DATING YOUR BROTHER?!
Facehoof Facehoof Facehoof 
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Sunset is holding the mug with her hoof instead of her horn. She grew accustomed to doing it like a human I suppose.
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I didn't notice that at first! XD And of course Flash holds his with his military trained and tested wings.
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Why's Trixie chasing Starlight?
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I guess that figures...
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kurtus- my starlight is trouble senses is tingling =(
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Trixie looks insane.
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Looks off in the distance....GO TRIXIE!!!
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*Cheers for both*
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The only way this pict can be any better is if Moon Dancer was replaced with Flutters, and she and Sunset were together. Then two ships of mines are realised.
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