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Queen Chrysalis in 'Too Precious'

"Hush, hush, Chrysalis. She's asleep..."
"I was gonna take her but now I'm not so sure."

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I feel this is the same problem as when the cat falls a asleep on you. Your in limbo. . .
You know, it just NOW occurred to me. Cadence and Shining Armor defeated her the first time, so they should have been able to do it the second time. If not for the fact of Flurry Heart. She could have taken the foal and used her as a sort of blackmail to make the two surrender.
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see not even villains can stand the power of the adorableness that is flurry heart ^^
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Awww, that's so sweet! :love:
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Chrysalis and two of her changelings!

"See! I told you the little urchin can't tell the difference!"
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quite the sense of forgiveness that Cadence and SA are giving Queen Chrysalis by letting her hokd their baby.
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As illustrated in the "No Onions, As Requested" pic, Shining Armor is teaching Chrysalis love earned through friendship. Here he and Princess Cadence are teaching her the love of a tiny baby pony. Chrysalis may have arrived with bad intentions, but now her heart's been touched. She might become the godmother. She might join up to help the Mane 6 fight threats greater to ponykind than herself. Chryssy might just have a happy ending after all. :)
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Result: after this and as part of a truce to achieve a coexistence of the swarm and the Crystal Empire as allies (the second giving her powerful lovead meal for the swarm and the first becoming a powerful ally, in a simmilar way to the Rohirim for Gondor, against the enemies of the empire) Chrysalis would become the "honorary stepmother" of Flurry which soon demonstrate to love her and the changelin hive so much altough unfortunately Twilight would become some jealous for the favoritism of her nice to the changeling queen instead of herself the "bookworm"aunt (of course this would be other of the current paranoias of Twilight.)
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I could imagine flurry heart waking up and hugging chrysalis
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
Aw cute suprized they let near her
Lavamoon0's avatar
I think that she was planning on kidnapping her but cause cuteness, then was discovered, but they allowed it because cute baby stopped crysalis from acting evil, by being cute
OblivionWings's avatar
Daww! I kinda want this to be in the show now.
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Looking at the new born baby like that, it seems too precious to just take her away. Oh well, Chrissy probably has many baby changelings already.
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Crystallis:  "BUUUUUURP!!!"

(Cadence and Shining Armor look goggle eyed!)

Crystallis: (Hands Flurry back to Cadence)  "Well, I'm full!"
wow she actually looks like she cares about Flurry!!
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Peace in their time.
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Now that is a tender moment! Love it! :)
Penguinator24's avatar
This is super cute. Well done.
DestinyDecade's avatar
Absolutely cute. :)
Red-Rum-18's avatar
Chrysalis as Malificent.
BlazeHeartPanther's avatar
Oh man, I hated that film with a burning passion.
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