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Put Your Right Hoof Forward

"and that's how you do the Kentucky Shuffle!"

Well, of course Cadance knows how to dance. CaDANCE. Plus she's royalty, duh.

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Here we see Cadance "accidentally" requiring Shining Armor's help to do the dance right.
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:iconprincesscadanceplz: "It takes two..."
:iconshiningarmorplz::iconthinksplz:Please don't mess up, please don't mess up, please don't mess up...:iconthinksendplz:
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so so cute <3
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:iconshiningarmorplz: "Although less so than what my sister calls 'dancing'... -.-;"
:iconcadanceplz: :giggle:
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I see what you did there! 
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Kinda reminds me of Clark and Lois dancing in the air in Smallville.
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Really lovely! :love:
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Oh, sure, dancing is real easy when your hooves don't have to touch the ground.
If you haven't noticed Cad, some 66% of ponies don't have wings. Check your privilege. Geez.
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I actually think it would be funnier if Shining knew how to dance but Cadance didn't. 
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They are so cute. I would love to see this.
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Ya know what? I bet Shining would be the one to teach her.
Kinda hard to dance without your hooves on the ground Cadance. Quit horsing around.
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Shining is so cute, I know his pain back from my school days, dancing with a girl and not wanting to stand on her foot or embarrass yourself, oh course I did both.... Several times to several people
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I think if Twilight's dorky dancing is any indication, Shining was just as bad once and got better because of needing to practice so as not to embarrass Cadance. :P 
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Now move on to the cha cha slide. 
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