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Purty Prancing

While not integral to the episode, I thought Ballerina Twilight was nice.


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Can you draw these two in a bubble 
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In the immortal word of the late great Patrick Swayze, he'll say......."No one puts Twily in the corner".
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Ballerina Twilight was one of many reasons I loved this episode. 
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Dare I say that Flash actually looks nice in that outfit?
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Can you stop be a DICK! i see you in every comment of someone who it or ship it to say something against of what them think! you start to be annoying! i get it you dont like them to be a couple be let other dreaming or thinking or even saying!
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She was a pretty ballerina!
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and people say a man can't be a ballerina
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It is nice, she's having fun dancing with Flash. :)
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You just won't give up and continue to disrespect people's choices, do you go around and proclaim your bad attitude against other TwiFlash fans? Congratulations for being an asshole!
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i am angry! he be a asshole were i put i love this!

we dont need asshole hater in the fan base!
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Yes i,m so glad to see Flash Sentry again.:happybounce: 
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What happens if Twilight puts Flash dancing with her? Beautiful, but the tone music box is still disturbing.
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I'll just sit hear and wait until Flash loses his balance! XD
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Wings help to control their weight.
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Haha, i remember music Twilight! It was absolutely adorable!
very cute!!
great picture!!
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