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"And I always will be."

Now, I did this a while back. Can't remember when. It's a little subtle, but I made it around the time when little Twily got her cutie mark and when Shining Armor joined the Royal Guard (his mane). He wasn't there when Twilight got enrolled into Princess Celestia's school, so here we are.

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Sibling love, I love it.
Oooohhhhh!!!! This is BEYOND cute! I just love the brother/sister moments between Twilight and Shining! Can you please, please, PLEASE draw more of these two together? Like.... Maybe a comic with Twilight saying "Shiny," For her first word while looking directly at him? and he's so shocked for a moment, before he starts jumping up and down screaming for joy? or something like that?
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this is so cute, well done
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Oh, that is so adorable!!!:happy:

It reminds me of me hugging my little sister when she was that young! I will cherish those memories forever!!:)

The little sister I speak of is the same one who is the reason I became a brony, that's what makes it even more special!!Kirby lieks Stress Balls:)
all the dawws!
all of them!
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This does show him to be a Big Brother Best Friend Forever.
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D'awwww, How Sweet :heart: !
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Too much daww!!!
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too adorable, man
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What a beautiful moment...
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Great work!
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