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Proud Parents

Well, this is her, or will be in a couple of months when the new season kicks off.
I'll reduce the art from here to ease it in better.

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Pony Shinning Armor Smirk Emoticon. I wonder what she's thinking about?
Princess Flurry Heart (inside the mind of Flurry)…
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Baby Flurry heart is the most precious thing I've ever seen Cadance and Shining Armor are very proud to have a beautiful daughter!
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I hope Twilight and friends have children of their own.
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Father and mother all with little Flurry. :)
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Wasn't her wings SO big they couldn't fit to her side properly????
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Didn't they fit under her blanket, just before the reveal?
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Maybe het wings and horn are smaller then the older natural alicorn wings and horns.
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I know that their kid is Flurry Heart, but could you please do not cancel Violet Starshine?
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Amazing drawing!
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It's not a baby! It's a world's ugliest burger with horn! Can I eat it?
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That's why we have a back button.
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Now throw her, Shining!
Eyes... they never change. If it wasn't for them, I'd say the whole thing is rather cute, but these eyes always give such idiotic expressions to faces... I'm always very tolerant towards an art, but this case disturbs me a lot. But You don't think it's wrong and keep drawing that way, wich disturbs me even more.
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