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Princess for a Day

Happy Mother's Day!

I'm not sure if that crown is transferable.
Now that I have the whole Sparkle Family in my collection, I have no reason not to get them all together again for this magical day. Especially Dad.

(Art created before season finale. Should this crown be destroyed in the fires of Mount Doom or replaced by a new crown, don't write me letters.)

"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" & Original Characters © Hasbro
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:icontwilightsparkleplz::iconsaysplz:...Would Tirek's hellfire classify as "the fires of Mount Doom?":iconsaysendplz:
(Really, Golden Oaks is the most likely place where Twilight would have kept her new crown.)

(FYI, I refer to Tirek's fire blasts as "hellfire" because it sounds cool.)
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twi's dad: all I need is my chocolate
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mrs sparkle got to be so pround because her little girl a princess and stinging marry to one
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:iconmlpspikeplz::iconflowersplz: :Aww Twilight's is better. There's no way I can beat that.
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Night Light's going to have some explaining to do when Twilight Velvet opens that box of Equestrian Chocolates later.
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Night Light: What? You got the crown, I got the chocolates! XD
Artsy-Purple-Lover87's avatar
awwww!!! NIGHT LIGHT!!!! that was for Twilight Velvet!!!
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It's cute, but then, so is everything you do. Love Night Light snagging some candy while Mommy's occupied.
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Why not give her a pair of wings Twily? We've seen you are able to do that.
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happy (belated) mothers day, still
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Aww, I love this idea! :D
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Fires of Mount Doom! FIRES OF MOUNT DOOM! 
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To me personally, the worst part is I'd be Night Light in this pic. I'm a terrible person.
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I hope you make a Father's Day picture that is as dawwwwww as this
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Night Light, you dirty little thief.
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Twi's dad, is what makes this pic! Hilarious! XD
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Aaaw, and ahaha!
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Beautiful! A belated Happy Mother's Day to all! :)
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happy motherday (late one day)
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awwww dawww this is just so sweet and adorable!! 
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Mum's gonna have words with you later, Mr. Sparkle. Most likely followed by you sleeping in the barn. :3 :P
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