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Princess Ember and the Sceptre of Heroes

"Friendship, Freedom and Love! By the power of the Bloodstone Sceptre!"

I've been putting tropes on her and trying them on for size. Today, we have magical girl dragon princess.
Feels a little weird, a little wild.

No Bases. Please do not modify my work in any way.

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Stand back Star Butterfly. There's a new magical girl in town.
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Ember: "By the power of Gray Skull...I have the POWEEEEEEEEEEER."
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I think she would go the She-Ra route, though it's only a few words different.
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Awesome Picture
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You could say this picture is...Other-dimensional. *I evaporate*
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I'm going sound like an idiot but who is she? ( unfortunately been unable to keep up with the show)
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Does Spike have to make her nachos now?

Oh wait, he already does that for Twilight. He has experience.
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its gonna get a little weird,its gonna get a little wild,i aint' from around here,IM FROM ANOTHER DIMENSION
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I have the POWER!
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so very awesome :D
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I dont know why but the pose gives me a very big Sailor Moon vibe XD

you like a certain princess don't you dm :P
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You like Ember, don't you? :D
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She now has the power to turn into a huge dragon! XD
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"♫I'm not from 'round here, I'm from another DIMENSION!!!♫"
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Star Butterfly: Go dragon girl! Princess Power!

Disney Princesses: BOOYAKASHA!!!!
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"Fire ruby whatsit power, MAKE-UP!"
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She is getting cute as fuck!
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