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Ponies of Science - Microbiology

By dm29
"Let's wrap this up and get it done with."

This was actually what inspired the series. It was Rarity's Hazmat suit in "Bats!" (4x07) that got the ball rolling. Some of you guys said geology, which I didn't think of, but I like Rarity in a Hazmat suit. But really, geology would've been better. I might do an addendum. The Ponies of Science series: The Mane Six Representing Six Non-Exclusive Fields of Science!

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Her suit's breached! Quarantine her immediately!
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Rarity: "For what?! There's nothing dangerous out here..."
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Nothing we know of! We can't take any chances!
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Now I've seen every conceivable pony!
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XD I like how there's a biohazard cutie mark on the side.
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She should patch up that area exposing her tail so radiation doesn't get into the suit.
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Someone should re-vector the hazmat suit into an HEV suit.
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:icondrinsanoplz: :iconsaysplz: SCIENCE!!!!

And I propose Time Travel, featuring Pear Hate aka Timey Wimey aka Doctor Whooves!
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Maybe you can do an addendum beyond the Mane Six?

I'd like to propose Optics, with Derpy!
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Geology would make more sense.
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I wouldn't put past Rarity for that...
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"Well... shit..."

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That moment when you realize you are completely screwed
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LOL! Rarity would never be caught dead in that suit!
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But she wore it in "Bats!" ...
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I think that outfit... *shades* suits her. YEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!
I'm sorry... I had to do that xD
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I love the expression as she's looking back at the damage,

This is a pretty textbook reason why most hazardous materials suits are kept at positive pressure and the work spaces in the labs are kept at negative pressure- so if there are any holes the contaminants are blown away.

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Huh. I never knew that. Cool.
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Really nice job here with this conclusion. :)
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Contamination detected.
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