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Pinkie Pie's Frosting Gun

"And now your muffin's a cupcake!"

Pinkie Pie heralds world peace! Muffins and Cupcakes fight no more!

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sabnikalex's avatar
I need that gun!!!
Benthehyena's avatar
I want that gun.
Rexam-Etherstrider's avatar
I don't know why but derpy's lower body seems more rectangular while pinkie's body is more round shaped.
hubakon1368's avatar
It's just that Derpy's leg is blocking the view of the rest of her lower body.
jyroman53's avatar
ICING GUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JohntheMagnificent's avatar
why do I get the feeling that that's actually how cupcakes were invented

inventor: hmm, I want a muffin, but its not breakfast...Ah, I got it! *puts frosting on the muffin*

wife: dear, all you did was put frosting on a cupcake

inventor: SILENCE, I AM A GENIUS!!!
Rexam-Etherstrider's avatar
You mean put frosting on a muffin?
Snapshot1994's avatar
Pinkie.  Could I get some frosting on my cupcake, too?
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AspiePie's avatar
Have you seen what Curt Sibling did of Derpy! Oh Lord!
karkovice1's avatar
:iconpinkiepieexcitedplz: :iconsays3plz: There ya go, Derpy!

:iconderpy-hooves: :iconsays3plz: Thanks, Pinkie Pie! You've made my day!
Hubfanlover678's avatar
Olive: [To Pinkie Pie] Ooh, ooh, give me some please? I love frosting.
akdsmith's avatar
Cupmuffins should totally be a thing!
ArcCahlon's avatar
I'd ship it lol.
A frosting gun needs to be a thing.
DragonGirlMesilune's avatar
It is. I saw something similar in a bake supply shop.
D-Rock92's avatar
I think the closest we have to that is one of those guns that presses out cookie dough in shapes. Wonder if those come with the right tip to do this?
jmartkdr's avatar
It's basically a caulk gun, though, innit?

BRB going to Home Depot and Restaurant Supply...
minecraftfan2000's avatar
This image made me think of the old man from broken age who has his frosting in his cane frostinggun
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