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Pick Yourself Up, Twily

By dm29
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Twily's not crying. It's liquid... okay, no, she was crying.

Yeah, you're gonna say I added a male presence in what was a Twily-Cadance scene like in Twilight's flashback. But then I want to point out her BBBFF was always with her too. And I put her in rollerskates. WITH A WIDDLE HELMET.

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Where'd Twilight's horn go?
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Aaaaw twily is so cute
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'And I put her in rollerskates. WITH A WIDDLE HELMET.'

If you excuse me I need to start my heart up again like...RIGHT KNOW HNGGGGG *CUTENESS OVERLOAD COMPLETE*
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We need bubble wrap AND PLENTY OF IT!
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poor filly...
(uses bandage in her foot) there :) (Smile) 
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aaw, poor Twily :(
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love the brother sister moment 
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It's okay, Twilight. You'll be fine. :)
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Excuse me, I feel the need to go vomit rainbows-BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!
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I'll clean it up
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Thank you, that is very kind.
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Safety first

XD Love it!

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WaIt... wheres Twilights horn? D:
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Inside the helmet.
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that gotta hurt XD
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All fillies (mine included) horns are quite small. Helmets for fillies don't require holes for horns, there's simply a small indentation in the inside.
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Hence Sweetie Belle has a helmet without a hole for her horn. It doesn't need one.
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these are just so sweet. ^^
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The description made me laugh more than it should have. 
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