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Peppermint Sticks

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(alluring candy cane eating intensifies)

Hmm, tell me, Twilight. How DO you eat candy canes normally?
Happy Holidays, everypony.

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Midnite-WolfeStudent Artist
I think that's a no
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So are they trying to seduce Twilight or Spike?
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two of one, two of the other
GoldandSliverDragon's avatar
But who for who?
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20008921Student Traditional Artist
*holds candy cane like cigar* 
im gonna tell ya's this once alright......dont ever tell me what to do o-kay purple horse.....
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smoke weed everyday
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Huh.......Scrat NOPE Scrat NOPE Scrat NOPE 
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I can't comprehend that look on Pinkie Pies face. Its like she's high or something. Its hilarious.
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KylecopeHobbyist Traditional Artist
She's Always high.
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Good point.
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aqdrobertHobbyist General Artist
Dear Princess Celestia: How does a pony eat a candy cane normally?
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KylecopeHobbyist Traditional Artist
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But isn't twilight also eating hers the same way?
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I bet spike wants to be one of those candy canes, right? Emoticon - Twilight Sparkle Grin 3 
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You think too much.....
If it's true just don't say it~~:iconstarlightsexyplz: 
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Out of them all.  I think the real trouble maker is Ember.   Being a dragon, Spike knows all to well how long and flickery a dragon tongue is. 

Though Starlight might be trying to give Ember a run for her money.  I get the feeling she is a bit out of practice (or completely inexperienced).  I get the feeling she may have just been trying to fit in with the other.

Pinkie.... OH GOD Pinkie!  Ok, Twi.  You should know by now.  Pinkie is not trying to be alluring at all.  This is just how she eats and reacts to candy and sugar from time to time.  In fact!  I wouldn't be surprised if she was completely out of it and didn't hear a single word you said Twi. 

Lastly, Trixie.  Come now Twi.  Out of the four of them.  She is the only one who should be having the opposite effect on Spike.  I mean she is gnawing on it.  Just chewing away at it.  Nashing her teeth hard and vigorously.  With every crunch and smack of her teeth against hard candy.  Spike should be winsing and turning away.   That is if he was even watching her.  Like I said, he is probably focused only on Ember and not the painful horror show that is Trixie's alluring peppermint stick eating.   *Shudder*
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Silly Twilight! Those aren't candy canes, they're peppermint sticks. =P
XD aww they just wanna eat them
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Snowfire-CabbitHobbyist Artist
super funny
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It'd be even more awkward if Spike starting getting a b-


Fluttershy blush  
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