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Parts of an Equestria Pony - Male Equine

By dm29

Not labeled: "Loving Arms of Embrace". The informative series continues (or ends... Unless dragons) with the general anatomy of our fine Equestria stallions.

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"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic", "Equestria Girls" & Original Characters © Hasbro

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A L I C O R N   T O S S E R
silberhase's avatar
Great... just great! "Alicorn tosser" is my favorite ;-)
MomentumCrisis's avatar
I wasn't sure of you at first Shiny, but you are really getting to my core.
FangRoseTheHedgehog's avatar
The look on their faces and this scene altogether, it looks like Shining Armor is about to beat the daylights out of Flash Sentry.

"Remember what I said yesterday about what would happen if Twily wasn't home by 10 pm?"

"*Gulp* Oh no..."
KDN91's avatar
I fully accept "Coltie Mark" as the acceptable term for a male Cutie Mark.
GallantServer's avatar
I demand for hasbro to make this canon! I DEMAND!!!!!
BadassBlaziken's avatar
I want a Flash Sentry plushie and I want it now!
SnakeMacTavish's avatar
That death stare Shining has. I love it.
Aprion's avatar
thats right, judge that waifu stealer with your scrutinisers before you unleash the annihilator like a good BBBFF
ArterialBlack716's avatar
alicorn tosser, LOL
FTYeaN's avatar
Coltie marks are now canon in my head xD
PallygyrlDashie's avatar
makes so much sense,
YoshiRingo's avatar
Bawwww, snuggles X3
MarcySparks's avatar
Hahahah i laugh at filly porter fabuolous locks,alicorn tosser,scent catchers,coltie mark,and brohooves !!!
You can almost hear the conversation going on in hushed tones. 

"Listen,'re one of the Castle guards right?" 

"Yes, Prince Shining Armor." 

"And you remember that I was the Captain of the Royal Canterlot guards, right?

"Yes, Prince Shining Armor." 

"Well, that's my sister that you're taking out tonight, correct?" 

"Yes Prince Shining Armor." 

"Do anything FUNNY with my sister...and...well...I'll let you imagine the rest." 

Swallows nervously.
Datbattybat's avatar
Flash looks like he wants to get the hell outa there
Scarecrow113's avatar
Macgyver644200's avatar
I call this position 'the Alicorn Cracker'.  I dare you to boink my sister, twerp.
Feyzer's avatar
Aaaaah this is such an awesum piece. Just love how he's bein' "Now this is serious business, understand? I do intend things to go smooth between us, just don't screw up anything."
Yingyanggamer's avatar
What's in Flash's mouth?
Rasinycon's avatar
Something that Twily gave him and shining appeared "What were you doing Flash?"

Flash: "Nothing xD"
Exploration10's avatar
The part names sound like they should be new creature parts for spore the game
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