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Parts of an Equestria Pony - Female Equine

By dm29
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There will be a test.

I didn't think this would be such a hit when I had this on tumblr two days ago. It really is just me giving parts of a cartoon pony cute names, but the internet seems to like that.
And yes, the "A" stands for alicorn

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Check out my other helpful charts here:
Parts of an Equestria Pony - Male Equine by dm29 Parts of an Equestria Dragon - Male (Infant) by dm29 

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Sweet now I can go around and say "I fucking hate Twilight's Flutter flapper!" XD
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I love how you put Tushie. :)
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This explains everything about a pony lel
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Whiffermuzzle. Whiffermuzzle. Whiffermuzzle. Is it in your head yet?!
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And of course besides the Type "E", "P", "U", and "A" models, there's also the the Type "C" mil-spec model. Of course, with all the special notes it'd need, it might as well be a separate line entirely...

I mean yeah, it'd have *most* of the same parts as the Type "A" model (with some variant parts), but with "high-agility" variant Flutter-Flappers, a "compact" model Parasprite Whip, option delete on the Cutie Mark, "nightvision" variant Pony Peepers, Integral Armor, and of course Speed Holes (which double as shock absorption for the integral armor during high-force landings), it's clearly a model designed to operate long-term in much more demanding environments than the standard Type E/P/U/A models are meant to continuously operate in. I suppose the integral Chameleon Apparatus should be mentioned too, although it tends to be a bit of an energy drain while in use...

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The 'Magic Zapper' is labelled incorrectly. The correct label is: 'Magic concentration and emitting apparatus'.
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This is way too cute for it's own good.
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What, nothing for Earth Ponies?!
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Formearth ponies, its the same thing, just without the Flutter Flappers and the Magic Zapper
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This user has copied this image and changed it slightly by getting rid of the background.…
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I could not think of any description of a pony more adorable...
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Would I be able to go have this printed as a poster?
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cute Nicolas Cage Squidward Sexy (Dance) Squidward-Sexy (Sexy Time) Squidward Sexy Upset Squidward Sexy Sexy Squidward Sexy (Blinking Eyes) Squidward Sexy Talks Squidward Semi Sexy Steals Hearts  Squidward Semi Sexy Walking Squidward Spongebob Laugh Squidward Semi Sexy Knows He's Sexy Squidward Semi Sexy Zoom in Zoom out Sexy Squidward Semi Sexy Is Worried Being Sexy Squidward Semi Sexi (It's hard being sexy) Squidward Manly Sexy Squidward Semi Sexy Wonders Squidward Semi Sexi (Sexy Lyfe) Squidward Semi Sexi (Oh realleh) Squidward Semi Sexi (Sexy Autograph) Squidward Semi Sexi (Only sexy is me)
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Somehow, that all looks like Unwinese to me. :lol:
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