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Paintball Siblings

"Right on the cutie mark! 20 points!"
"NO fair!"

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Me: Say goodbye!
*shoots on twilight's vagina*
Twilight: What? How?
*received 200 points for shooting on the vagina* 
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wait I don't get this if twilight is hiding behind a barrel and shining armor is right beside her why could he shoot her on the spot???
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I love my M4 paintball,very accurate and smooth shot. Just like shooting Mr. Armor in the core
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Um, how is Shining Armor holding the paintball gun?
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Shining: Twily! that hurt!

Twily: This will hurt more.(Shoot's him in the crotch)

Shining: AAAAAAAUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!(Fall's on the floor)

Twighlight velvet: Twilight!

Twily: UUUUMMM! (put's down paintball gun)
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In my defense, I think its funny and a little over the top
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Twilight's cutie mark looks like as if she's already been hit :J
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Well, would you look at that, it's Splatoon! :D
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Having been hit by paintballs in the past.... Shining is much tougher than me since two hits like that on bare skin would have had me on the grown screaming.
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Shiny and Twily playing Splatoon. Pure adorableness. :D
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I'm surprised Shining Armor is not in the ground screaming in pain right now. Those paintballs HURT, based on all of the Youtube videos I saw. :P
They sting foal little bit, but they aren't bad. First time I played, I got shot in the neck, which for some reason I left unprotected.
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"They sting foal little bit, but they aren't bad."

Those ponies have a thick skin. :P

"First time I played, I got shot in the neck, which for some reason I left unprotected."

THAT must've hurt. :P
Meh, it wasn't that bad. Had it been my throat it probably would have been a different story.
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I think the reason shining armor isn't on the ground is because ponies probably have thick, soft furry to protect their skin so it would make sense if shining armor isn't on the floor
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For a pony with shield magic, you'd think he'd be harder to hit.
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Are they ponies or squids?
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What now Shining?! You gonna cry?! I'm kidding of course... crybaby.
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What happened to Twilight's leg?
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