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"Um... what're you doing, dweeb!? GET OFF. GET...URGH"

Gilda doesn't know the thing she's experiencing now.

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The next level of Gandhi's resistance without violence: Preemptive nuzzling!
With Gilda's defenses already in shambles Rainbow Dash can go in for the kill with the warmest of hugs.
The griffon never stood a chance against advanced pony tactics.
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XD i know right? Gilda be like "wtf?"
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Stop being such a jerk, Gilda, JEEZ!
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She will love and tolerate the s**t out of Gilda!
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She does not know this feeling!
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well this is a thing apparently....
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Dash look s adoooooooraboooooooool :3
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Maxresdefault by DallasBlack "I'm not familiar with the type of thing I'm seeing"
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Human Fluttershy YAY icon Yay!

I've seen most episodes of Futurama at LEAST 5-6 times and that is one of my favorite lines.
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Free to use Rainbow Dash Icon Checkmate, mother bucker!
Gilda (what!) plz W-wait, what?!
Gilda (Stare) Plz 
Gilda (Rage) Attack) Plz Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!
Gilda,Rainbow dash and Pinkie pie (hug) plz Good game guys!  Victory hug!
Get close... but not too close.
Someone's been playing Undertale
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why i am seeing this while i am playing Undertale
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It's been a while since Gilda has had that warm, fuzzy feeling in her heart.
And on her neck.
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Gilda, there's a little thing called love. Embrace it!
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There like sisters.
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It's called love Gilda.
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Your drawings are SO cute! :love:
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Then a ship was born.
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