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One Magical Evening

"I want this night to last forever."

Ah, the dance. A follow-up of sorts to Would You Care To Dance?. I want this to last forever too.

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I wanna draw my oc & her colt-friend like this!!!
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I always think of the song " A thousand years"  By Cristina perri for these two
"All along I believed, I would find you"
" Darling don't be afraid, I have loved you for a thousand years.."
" I'll love you for a thousand more"

Well Candance can live a thousand years like the other princesses right?...
Maybe shining Armor will by magic or something too?? :D
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Cue Cinderalla's "So this is love..."~:heart:
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Let 'em dance, Celestia.
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Bella Notte from Lady and the Tramp is playing in my head.
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AAAAAWWWWW Shining Armor and Cadance dancing during the Prom Night. XD
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Luna can help with that.
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This is so beautiful. :D
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Twilight sneaked into the dance and took control of the spotlight. She's about to shout, "Look at these two! They are two of the best ponies in the world!"
They look so peaceful and happy.
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insert love song.
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Honestly, I think of a song when I see this.…

Beautiful, man.
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Slow dancing is well and good and all, but I feel they need something more passionate, more intense, more fiery! (She is the alicorn of love after all...)

They need to tango. More specifically tango to Carlos Libedinsky's Vi Luz y Subí
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"I want this night to last forever."

Oh, that reminds me this:…
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Nightmare Moon can help you with that :P

"The night will last FOREVER!"

Edit : The song is nice, but it doesn't really fit the mood though
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