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One Lovely Evening

"The food looks delicious!"

First off, I didn't know Fluttershy's "unexpected guests" were references to actual anime characters prior to doing this image (well, some of them, but surely I didn't think all of them). But hey, we all love spending quality time with our favourite anime characters, right?

Watermelon Steak.

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CrystalPastelKitty's avatar
Lol. XD This is perfect. XD
KawaiiNikki's avatar
Otakus in a nutshell.
Ismalith's avatar
I just read the title as "one lonely evening"
Sunny-Cyberspacer's avatar
Okay, who invited Maka to this! XD
OkamiJubei's avatar
Dating with the prince of princesses.
sabnikalex's avatar
reminds me of Yandere Simulator...
Peaches-n-Charlotte's avatar
fluttershy is not only great with animals but she knows how to design fashion and how to draw.
DorkPrincess4321's avatar
Headcanon accepted!
karkovice1's avatar
So much for the spooky tea party, right?

BTW, I can see through that waiter pony's legs; almost as if he was.... a GHOST! :D
Daisuler1994's avatar
Wait a second, Watermelon steak is a thing!?
For all the gods we have created, i will totally try to cook that!
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
I didn't know they were modeled after actual anime characters, but I knew they were anime.
radiiiance's avatar
What episode is that manga from?
Daisuler1994's avatar
I think the episode is called ''Scare master''.
radiiiance's avatar
AspiePie's avatar
Watermelon Steak...?
Tankite's avatar
The first thing I noticed was Soarin.

What are you doing over there?
Makenshi179's avatar
OMG, I love this! So perfect! Yep, nothing beats some quality time with one's waifu. Maybe next she will bring a dakimakura... :3
ShannaImprov's avatar
Having dinner with her Anime friends I see? I'm down with that!
TooCliched's avatar
Flutters has some good taste. xD
Oh it's just to please Senpai
TooCliched's avatar
Best way to please senpai. ;P
Is to be Senpai
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