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One Annoying Bird

"Wow, you know Rainbow Dash?! That's so cool! What's she like? Does she fly really fast? Huh? Huh?"

Gabby. More like Gabby Gums, amirite?

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Will715's avatar
we need a Gabby and Gilda episode
RupertBlueFox's avatar
Correction: one ADORABLE-AS-HECK bird! :XD: :heart:
Love em both! :aww:
CrazyGraeHawkatoo's avatar
She's sooo cute!~  I hope to see her again in the future!
Blackvegetable's avatar
Hooo boy... this is gonna be hell! :rofl:
Maverickwolfzx's avatar
Why that always I attract this kind of people?
BB-K's avatar
Lol, after she came back to Griffinstone, expect this to happen. :XD:
karkovice1's avatar
:icongildagriffonplz: :iconsays3plz: I TOLD you not to stay too long in Equestria, NOW look at what those miserable ponies have done to you...
BB-K's avatar
I expect what Gilda would say, after all, once sent Gabby to Ponyville, and when she came back, this happens. She wants to befriend with any griffin she chooses.
karkovice1's avatar
But I think Gabby was that way to begin with. :)
ABrightSide's avatar
Heh, I'm surprised we didn't see this in the episode.
jyroman53's avatar
Like pinkie and RD !
RainbowHeartPony's avatar
Gabby.. more like Gabby Gums! Pffft- England (Laughing) [V3] 


Applebloom (sorry applejack) plz - "Huh?"
Scootaloo (hey applebloom) plz - "So funny, I forgot to laugh!"
sweetiebelle (dangerous) plz - "That's not very nice!"
TheDoubleDeuced's avatar
She's so bubbly!!!
Culu-Bluebeaver's avatar
Great :D

However: Since Gilda learnt to get along with Pinkie (and her hyperness) I think she would get along with Gabby too. :)

BTW: Did anyone else realized, there are now three griffins who's names start with a "G" -> Gilda, Greta and Gabby. Just saying.
elr79655's avatar
Don't forget Grandpa Gruff and King Grover.
Culu-Bluebeaver's avatar
OMG you are right :D
RavenClaw25's avatar
Also don't forget Gustave le Grand
Silnev's avatar
EverlastingJoy's avatar
Gabby the Griffon icon :iconsaysplz: bother bother bother bother bother...
Gilda (aw great) plz :iconthinksplz: Next time, I'll deliver the messages myself.
theadminguy's avatar
I am honestly guilda when I'm at school
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